Demo 2013

by Sick Machine

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Recorded with Bage august 2013

Download it free or pay what you want, enjoy.

Art work in the works
Tape out on Lethal Dose Records real soon.


released August 19, 2013

Dan - Vox
Jake - Guitar/Vox
Cale - Bass
Charles - Tubs



all rights reserved


Sick Machine Melbourne, Australia

Powerviolence influenced hardcore from Melbourne.


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Track Name: Lame Waves
No hope for you, you'll never understand, remove from the equation, embrace the norm.
Black hole parade, you're so fucked up, why even bother pretending.
You're in a fantasy, breeding ground of stupor, mind numbing fucks.
Track Name: Can't Touch This
You can't bring me down, life's not a game, stand over me, won't get my blood.
Take and you take won't tear me apart, I saw through you right from the start.
Track Name: Compewter Slaves
What I've seen, what I've heard, can't take it back, the damage is done, dark and deep, so fucked up, broken lives, no hope insight.
Not alive, dead inside.
Don't deserve life, kill them all, no room in this world, no tolerance.
Track Name: Ain't No Party Like A Flexing Party
Go to the gym, don't bring it to shows, flex your head, not your biceps.
Why even bother, you don't get this, yeah you're pretty "cool" but I don't give a shit. I don't give a shit, fuck you arsehole.
Track Name: I've Heard It Both Ways
It's safe to assume you only assume, you don't get me and I don't want you too.
So quick to judge as if you're perfect.
I ain't a jock or a macho man, i'd rather have feelings than feel like a man.
She cries out loud, you're deaf and dumb, a figure of nothing, as blind as shit.
Track Name: Master of Muppets
You say you're trapped under ice, you're struggling, you're on the streets.
What's wrong now, I thought you were hard?
Set it off, hardcore pride, you think you own it, but you don't own shit.
You ain't Freddy Madball or John Joseph, this is Melbourne not New York, you're just a wigger from the burbs, insecure about your little dick.
You send me to fucking sleep. Sleep.
Track Name: Indoctrinated
Everything you were told was a lie, sit in front of the TV.
That's the only way you'll learn.
No one cares to teach.
We just sit back and accept the absurd.
I can't just sit back and watch, I won't be what they want.
The way your dress, the way you eat and your music, all made for you to be the same.
It's too late for you.
Track Name: Raining Blood
Still a fatal factor, still a cause of death, your god won't lead you, your too blind to see.
In the name of the holy, blood rains from the sky, people slaughter people, the streets run red.
You tell your children...
We don't believe in ghosts
Yet you live in blind faith
An evil man made story
We don't believe in ghosts.